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About me

I was lying on a soft green lawn during a typical summer afternoon, my hands behind my head and my gaze turned towards the sky. The fresh wind brushed the branches, the sky filtered through the trees and seemed to come alive, forming a play of colors between the green leaves and the blue sky. A slow and sweet dance.
Taking a look around the hills and the fields seemed a painting with delicate features, as if it had been drawn on a canvas by a hand of a painter: a masterpiece of quiet away from the life stress.

Who am I?
A nature lover and a nostalgic of that moment lying on the lawn, during a summer afternoon few years ago, surrounded by the Sila’s green hills.


Blog Mission

The Blog’s goal is to become an useful information tool for tourists, for mountain lovers and more. A compass that guide the visitors throughout the natural, cultural beauties and the services offered by Sila.